RSE Consultation

In line with new guidance from the Department for Education regarding the RSE curriculum, we now have a new curriculum overview and policy in place to meet our statutory requirements.  

As part of the introduction of our new curriculum, parental consultation is a key element of the process. This is to ensure that parents are aware of what the curriculum requirements are, of how we plan to deliver the requirements in our school, and that parents can raise any queries or concerns that they might have about the curriculum. It also helps to shape future policy and curriculum plans.  


We have broken down the consultation process into three phases. Phase 1 of this process is about sharing key information with parents – there is a short presentation for parents to watch, as well as a copy of our RSE Policy for you to read, and copies of our planning overviews. All of this is available for you to view on this webpage. 

Once you have had time to digest this information, we will send out a questionnaire next week as part of Phase 2 of this consultation. The questionnaire will ask for your opinions on the policy and resources, and will give you chance to raise any questions or concerns that you may have.  


Phase 3 will be a meeting which all parents/carers are invited to, so that they can join us for further information about the curriculum and a more in-depth exploration of the resources. We will also answer the questions raised via the questionnaire, and parents will then have a further opportunity to raise any remaining questions or concerns. This meeting will take place in the school hall on Thursday 7th July, at 9am.  

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RSE Policy June 2022

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