Phonics – the empowering steps to communication.

At St Paul’s C of E Primary School we want to equip the children with the skills and knowledge to be able to read and write using the Read Write Inc. programme to teach systematic synthetic phonics. This providing the empowering steps to communication. We want the children to be able to acquire the ability to read with accuracy and speed. To achieve this we have fidelity to the one scheme, with all staff trained to the same level.


A child’s well-being is something here at St Paul’s C of E Primary School that we prioritise and we acknowledge that there are 5 ways to well-being (, 2008). One of which is to “keep learning” (, 2008). The ability to read and write will enable the children in our school to achieve this by accessing increasing amounts of knowledge, both guided and independently. This will enable a mass of educational gain and also encourage well-being. Having the ability to access further knowledge, will support our children in becoming well informed citizens in the local community and also further afield, whether this be in the local shop, or in another part of the world. Thus ‘connecting’ with others, encouraging another way to well-being (, 2008).


Below is the link to our Phonics policy which explains how Read Write Inc. is delivered here at St Paul's CofE and what the children are regularly exposed to in order to achieve our aims of giving the children 'the empowering steps to communication'.

RWI Phonics Policy September 2021


New Phonics Curriculum Dec 2019

Here are some useful website links with relation to Read Write Inc. and things you can do at home to support your child:-


Look out for updates and invitations to our parent/family sessions which we would love for you to attend. If you have any queries about phonics and Read Write Inc. please don't hesitate to speak to your child's teacher or Mrs Turton (Read Write Inc. lead).


References (2008) Five ways to well-being. Available at:- . (Accessed on:- 22.10.18)

RWI Policy

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