St Paul’s C of E Primary school is committed to enhancing the learning, skills and knowledge of our pupils not only in the National Curriculum subjects but also by building aspiration and developing the key skills needed for future life employability. We know as a school in an Opportunity Area that we have a responsibility to raise aspirations and broaden the horizons of our children. We have committed to the OA Project Employers into Primary schools and as a result are receiving support to work towards the Gatsby Benchmark best practice quality award.
Careers Curriculum at St Paul’s
St Paul’s C of E Primary school has signed up to the Skills Builder Partnership to help develop the following key skills with all pupils:

We have set ourselves the following goals;
The promotion and development of essential skills, the whole child and their aspirations which form part of the schools aims and SIP. Therefore, the long term aims for the schools Skills Builder programme are:

To establish a sound skill focus, both subject specific and essential skills, across the whole curriculum.

To promote a variety of careers to raise aspirations and encourage employment, whilst equipping children with the essential skills they will need.

All staff to support, embed and enhance the development of essential skills across the curriculum.

Linking Careers to the Curriculum:

At St Paul’s we are constantly reviewing our curriculum and looking for ways to make learning real including how we can make direct links with the English, mathematics, science, history, geography and art & design knowledge and skills the children are learning and what career paths these subjects could lead to in the future.

All children are given the opportunity to talk about what they want to be in the future. We look at all future plans whether they result in continuing in further education and then university or whether they involve more skills based, hands on like apprenticeships or vocational work. We are trying to ensure that
all visitors or trips the children attend adults discuss their career pathways, their interests and how they got involved with the work they do now.

Recently a group of Y6 pupils who had shown an interest in engineering took part in a trip to Perkins Engines for the day to find out all about the skills needed to progress a career in this area. More information is available below:

St Paul’s CE (C) Primary School
St. Paul’s Primary School in Stoke have been working with the Skills Builder Partnership since the beginning of the year to develop their students’ 8 essential skills. We are supporting the school to embed the six principles of effective skills teaching and learning which builds on their curriculum and provides opportunities to work creatively and collaboratively in a variety of settings.
Perkins Engines (Stafford)
With a history stretching back more than 80 years, Perkins Engines Co Ltd. is one of the world’s leading providers of diesel and gas engines. Perkins was established in Peterborough in 1932 and is now a subsidiary of Caterpillar. Perkins engines can found all over the world, for example providing the emergency power system for the Shard as well many hospitals.
Imaginative Inventors
From the moment they arrived, students were putting their essential skills into action. First of all by gathering as much information as they could about their hosts and the volunteers who were joining them for the day, and then further as they explored the workplace through a tour. Then, in teams, the students were set their Creativity challenge: to design a new gadget to help employees in their work. They researched existing gadgets, before finding out the sorts of problems people needed help with. They generated ideas for a new gadget that would help with their chosen problem. Learners worked in teams to draw a diagram of their new gadget, with labels to show off the exciting features. The day ended with a chance to share their achievements with a panel of volunteers. They reflected on how they had applied Creativity throughout the challenge and looked ahead to how they could apply this skill again in the future.

“Today I have learnt so many things that I did not know before. I have enjoyed learning all about Perkins Engines and how I could use the essential skills to become an engineer.”
Pupil, Year 6

Pupils in Year 5 have taken part in Rymans Business challenge to design and new mascot/character this has been supported by the Inspirational Learning Group. All children worked in groups using the key Skills Builder skills. After presentations to a judging panel, two teams have progressed to the next stage and are continuing to receive support before attending another presentation at Staffordshire University later this year.

Year 5 are hoping to set up a school shop as a result of the work they have participated in.
Feedback from the day:
“Thank you again for a brilliant enterprise day. The students were a credit to both themselves and the school and I hope that they all took a lot from the day.”

Stem Days
In conjunction with Learn By Design Y6 have taken part in a STEMployment Day. The day started with an assembly session with STEM employer volunteers in attendance, which gave the children a chance to explore with them what they do in their day to day jobs and what inspired them to take that career route.
The Children then took part in a carousel of hands on STEM activities led by LBD communicators and supported by the employer volunteers to explore employability skills and different STEM careers.
One of the children’s comments are below:

Future Events:
In the spring term we will be working with Skills Builder Partnership to deliver a whole school challenge day.